A downloadable game for Windows

A game I made in 2 months for a school project.

The game is a local 4-player multiplayer game in either FFA or 2v2, where you fight the other players, to lay a pipeline from your corner, to the center machine.

You can pick up, rotate and put down pipes on all pipelines, even your opponents'. You can pick up pipes of your own color, that have already been placed.

Either win by being the fastest to the center, or by eliminating your opponents by connecting their lines to the destructive "Annihilators", and watch their lines blow up.

Controls (Xbox360 controller):

  • Left stick: Movement
  • A: Pick up, place, (hold) pick up placed pipe of your color
  • B: Rotate held pipe
YouTube video: Gameplay


Coupling - The Pipe Game 58 MB

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